Social services

The Ruhama Foundation is an accredited provider of social services since 2003, whenit laid the groundwork for services of homecare for the elderly and people withdisabilities. Concurrently, correlating the Phare financing opportunities with the social needs of the citizens, the foundation set up a new service: the Citizen Advice Bureau in Oradea, which provides free information and counselling services.

Since 2007, the expansion of social services practices, Ruhama Foundation responded to the needs of the elderly or children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cluj.

In 2007 we created a social service, the Counselling and Support Centre for Parents and Children, whose purpose is to solve social cases identified in the daily field work in disadvantaged communities, especially in order to help families maintain/reintegrate children in school.

During the 9 years of continuous supply of social services, the Ruhama Foundation has helped the public authorities in Bihor County with the development and improvement of social services indispensable to the Romanian society. With the foundation’s support, the following social services, taken over by the authorities, were developed: the Counselling and Information Centre in Tinca with the partnership of the Tinca Town Hall; the “Cuore” Temporary Centre for Children in Oradea with the partnership of the Oradea Social Community Administration; the Children’s Day Centre in Haieu, the “Prichindel” Children’s Day Centre in Rontau, the Social Canteen and the Community Centre for Information and Counselling in Sanmartin in partnership with Sanmartin Town Hall; the Day Centre for the Elderly in Alesd and the Social Canteen in Alesd in partnership with Alesd City Hall.

Social services provided by the Ruhama Foundation:

  • Homecare Services
  • Citizen Advice Bureau Oradea
  • The Counselling and Support Centre for Parents and Children
  • Day care centre for childrens
  • Specialized social services for growth, early childhood care and education, nursery type, Telechiu