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Mission and Values

About Us


The Ruhama Foundation vision is to contribute for an equitable society where people respect each other, and live a good and decent life.


Established in 1996 Ruhama Foundation’s mission is to act for improving the quality of life of people and communities that are in social risk.

Ruhama Foundation was founded in 1996, in Oradea (a town located in the North-West of Romania), with the expressed purpose of fighting against the leading causes of stereotyping and discrimination affecting the Roma minority, and creating the conditions for higher standards of living and dignified existence. One of the reasons behind the establishment of Ruhama Foundation is the ethnic based rejection and discrimination directly experienced by some of its founders. Those personal experiences coupled with excellent professional skills of the initial organizational team, and the input of professionals and dedicated associates, helped make this organization a commendable institution admired for its civic activism at home and abroad.

Ruhama (a Hebrew name meaning “spared” or “mercy”) was chosen by the founders to illustrate the empathy felt towards people living in poverty and social exclusion.

The focus is placed on three groups

ü  Roma ethnics at risk of social exclusion

ü   People disproportionally disadvantaged by the job market

ü   Physically dependent people (due to old age and/or illness)

The values of the organization are:

  • Act and interact with empathy with all the Foundation’s beneficiaries;
  • Take action for the independence and dignity of beneficiaries;
  • Promote respect, team working and initiative;
  • Act pragmatically, fairly and responsibly;
  • Promote respect for people and their choices;
  • Believe in partnership and team work;
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we work;
  • Act responsibly for future generations.


Ruhama Foundation example of good practice:

1. In the competition „Cele Mai Bune Rapoarte Anuale realizate de ONG-uri din Romania”, edition 7, organized by the Federatia Forumul Donatorilor din Romania and patroneted by the Petrom SA, Ruhama Foundation won the top prize of the contest: "Best Annual Report".


2. In the competition “Premiile Fundatiei Erste pentru Integrare Sociala 2009”, organized by the Fundatia Erste, Ruhama Foundation won mention, the project "Developing inclusive and sustainable educational programs for Roma children";

3. In the competition Gala premiilor în educatie, organized bz the Fundatia Dinu Patriciu, Ruhama Foundation won, NGO of the Year, award because of the educational programs


Fundatia Ruhama
Str. Universitatii, nr. 4 (Campus Facultatea de Stiinte Socio-Umane)
410087 Oradea
Judetul Bihor
Phone/fax: 004 (0) 259 456 180
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/Experience-Roma-Realities-with-Ruhama-1672169463007677/
Twitter ID: www.twitter.com/FundatiaRuhama 
Web:  www.ruhama.ro

Workplace: in Partners'schools from Bihor and Sălaj counties