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Biro Rozalia
deputy mayor

Oradea City Hall

"The Ruhama Foundation is one of the most active NGOs in our city. It has managed to become a prime actor in the field of NGO provided social services in Oradea through the objectives it has set out, through their extended work, through their exigent view on the quality of provided services, through its flexibility and openness. Their professionalism and their care have drawn the appreciation and attention of Oradea’s local administration as well as mine personally."

Zeno Tipter
Alesd Town Hall

"It is a great pleasure to talk in a few words about Ruhama Foundation, one of the most famous foundations from Bihor and more, due to their professionalism, competence and credibility earned in time. The cooperation with Ruhama Foundation has started many years ago, announcing to be very worthy for everyone involved. We can be proud today with some of the achievements obtained together: two social services focused on lederly and low income people - Daycare Centre for Elderly and Social Canteen. We are fully convinced that the partnership with Ruhama Foundation is a best practice for other public administrations as well. NGOs’ involvement in the social life of the community is welcomed. I must gratulate Ruhama Foundation for everything thay have done, not only in Alesd but in the entire Bihor County."

Ovidiu Komornyik
artist and composer

"I am one of the persons who confidently called upon the services provided by the Ruhama Foundation, at a moment when I needed professional help for the care of my aunt who lived in Oradea. The social and medical assistance service for the elderly that this foundation provides has proved to be highly professional, competent and suited for the situation it had to deal with. I thank them for their help and the empathy they have shown."

Gabriel Tica
head of education service
Oradea Penitentiary

"We greatly appreciate the collaboration with the Ruhama Foundation over the course of 2007, Ruhama has become a serious partner in tackling the social problems faced by inmates that are at the end of their stay and the beginning of a new journey. The information supplied by the BCC team to the inmates comes to aid the efforts of the penitentiary’s specialists in solving their social problems, supplying quality counselling to smooth the transition towards an easier and faster social re-integration of this social category often marginalised and excluded in Romanian society. We believe that in 2008 our collaboration will meet our expectations, with premises for expanding our area of activities.”

Rodica Furnica
The National Association of Citizen Advice Bureaus - NACAB


"The Ruhama Foundation through BCC Oradea is a member of ANBCC. In 2007 Ruhama has shown itself to be a liaison between the citizens of Oradea and their need for information as well as a successful partner in shaping a development direction for the ANBCC. The foundation has been an example for the members of ANBCC, contributing to promoting better social advocacy practices. We believe that ANBCC’s success is in great part due to the Ruhama Foundation. I have known the foundation since 2005 and I have had the pleasure of working with its president in the field of developing services for disadvantaged groups. I can also add that from the financier’s point of view any support given to this foundation becomes an added value for the community.”

Jaco du Plessis

Theranova Foundation

"We, at Foundation Theranova, have been honoured to be associated with such an experienced and committed group like Foundation Ruhama. We have closely and constantly felt their support and encouragement through our last years of collaboration. Their efficiency and drive to make a difference in the individual lives of persons in need, as well as in the Romanian Society as a whole, has shown their insight for solutions, into current and future challenges faced. I mention that Theranova has already served more than 1600 people with physical challenges like amputations and invalidity, positively impacting these persons and their families as well as many others in similar situations on a national level.”

Bujor Chirila
Tetchea Town Hall

"The actions of the Counselling and Support Centre are part of a series of programs held by Ruhama Foundation in the Tetchea commune with positive results for the Roma community. The partnership with Ruhama Foundation since 2006 has generated a long line of mutual achievements of which: the building of 5 social houses, organizing 2 summer kindergartens, counselling dozens of Roma families, help given to poor Roma children in order to enrol them in the first grade, the project for a social centre and the road rehabilitation. As partner of the foundation in many projects I can only congratulate and thank them for their activity for the benefit of disadvantaged communities.”

Gheorghe Sarau

The Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation

"The Ruhama Foundation came into collaboration with the Ministry of Education four years ago and has proven to be an extremely active organisation both at a county as well as at a regional level, especially from an educational standpoint. We have to admit that the pilot programme of the summer kindergartens started in 2001 by the Ministry has reached new levels through the innovations achieved in 2006 and 2007 in the field of summer kindergartens by Ruhama, its partners and the Roma Education Fund. Judging from a quantitative as well as a qualitative point of view, the valuable human resources of the Foundation and the programmes it has deployed are at the level of organisations with vast experience in the educational field.”

Judit Szira
senior adviser
Roma Education Fund
Budapesta, Ungaria

“The project implemented by Ruhama Foundation “ROMA EDUCATION CENTRE Developing and promoting inclusive and sustainable educational Programs” is rated as a best practice in our internal overall assessment. During the two years of implementation we were very happy to see the achievements of our investment in Romania through this project. From the very beginning we understood that this project is clearly in line with the priorities of REF Strategy for Romania. In general our relationship with Ruhama has developed very positively. An important work has been accomplished during 2 years, mainly through the « Roma Education Center », thanks to which more than 5000 Roma kids benefited. In addition we as Roma Education Fund feel richer since we learned more from this experience how to approach communities, local government and motivate people to commit themselves for the education of Roma children. We are very happy that the Ministry of Education in a partnership with Ruhama has taken over components of the project now. This is a good example of sustainability because we can move to another level regarding our partnership with Ruhama whilst there is a ministerial program pursuing the same objectives which we launched through our project.”

Liliana Antonescu
general school inspector

School Inspectorate of Bihor County

"Ruhama Foundation has been a viable and interested partner in obtaining great results ever since the beginning of its collaboration with the school inspectorate. We have established partnerships at the level of different local and school communities, mutually proving to ourselves a constant opening towards interdepartmental collaboration.  As concrete results of this partnership I will remind you of the two consecutive years of summer kindergarten held in multiple communities and the Phare project “One school for all”. The overall activities of the foundation bring an added value to all the social, educational and community initiatives, which we hope will continue to benefit even more communities.”

Georgeta Bora
head of Sustainable Development

ABN AMRO Bank Romania

"The durable development strategy of ABN AMRO is oriented towards aspects like education, the environment, and supporting people with the aim of providing the necessary means for existence. Having this objective in mind, ABN AMRO Romania supported the project for inclusive education “Summer Kindergartens” in Bihor County, held by the Ruhama Foundation in August 2007, with the desire of bringing a positive contribution to the local community.”

Mocsar Laszlo
school principal
Sannicolau de Munte

“Ruhama Foundation’s initiative has positive consequences on the educational process as well as on the school - community relationship. The idea of organizing activities like the Parents School in Roma communities has proven to be very rewarding. The Parents School is a program that brings together those parents who have yet to discuss the common problems relating to school and child education. Parents became more receptive to the problems of their children, to their way of learning. Moreover they get a better understanding of the teacher’s activity. As a result of this program attendance at parent meetings has increased as well as the activity in the programs started by our school, where parents participate with new ideas.”

Daciana Nica
deputy director

Bihor County Employment Agency

“Ruhama Foundation is a main local actor in information, counselling and job mediation activities for jobseekers. The cooperation with the County Employment Agency has began in 2002 with specific actions in Roma communities. If in the beginning of our cooperation the actions had a smaller amplitude, starting with the year 2005 these actions became very concrete: round tables, workshops, meetings, and have finalized by signing the first partnership that is still ongoing. Our collaboration is very worthwhile and the outcomes are really important if we bear in mind that all the hired people come from an underpriviledged social category.” 

Anca Socolovschi
international consultant/trainer

in socio-economic development

“I had the great pleasure and honour to work with the Professional Training Department of Ruhama Foundation and I can state that the professionalism of this team and the abnegation of its members when comes about addressing the training needs of the beneficiaries are raising very high the standard in professional training delivery. The members of the Department, like the entire personnel of Ruhama Foundation, are dedicated in a responsible and ethical manner to increasing the beneficiaries’ quality of life. Such organisations are honouring the NGO sector and represent a standard hard to reach or to overstep. I wish every success to Ruhama Foundation team in fulfilling their generous objectives.”

 Stephan Lehmann
head of EU office Bruxelles
Gesellschaft für Soziale Unternehmensberatung mbH
Bruxelles, Belgia

“The Ruhama Foundation has expanded its international network through the co-operation with the GSUB, the main ESF managing agency of Berlin, Germany. Through a joint effort it developed a project that will transfer the successful JobPoint from Berlin to Oradea in the frame of the Phare-supported project “CAREERS”. In the JobPoint concept the vacancies are presented to passers-by and visitors, many a job seeking but not necessarily unemployed. The Job Points are often more efficient then the local employment agencies due to their unique structure and ad-hoc reaction potential. The project will adapt new solutions in Bihor to foster a institutional network of actors across the county capable of managing workforce flow in accordance with the European Standards.”

 Valeriu Nicolae
general secretary

European Roma Grassroots Organisations
Bruxelles, Belgia

“Ruhama brings something new and refreshing in the Romani movement. An integrated approach and openness to critical thinking and constant adjustments which is rare to find nowadays in the world of NGO. Their focus on the young generation and well as their pragmatism and successes in isolated and often considered “doomed” Roma communities prove that Ruhama Foundation does something rare, namely it matches the words with effective action.”

Gruia Bumbu

Agentia Nationala pentru Romi

“Dragi prieteni, Agentia Nationala pentru Romi, structura guvernamentala de reprezentare a romilor in plan national si international, responsabila de aplicarea, coordonarea, monitorizarea si evaluarea domeniilor sectoriale de interventie sociala, cuprinse in Strategia Guvernului Romaniei de imbunatatire a situatiei romilor, isi exprima recunostinta si felicita membrii echipei Ruhama pentru activitatea intreprinsa in beneficiul comunitatilor cu romi. ONG-urile au un rol bine definit in viata publica. Prin programele si proiectele implementate, atat la nivel judetean cat si la nivel national, Fundatia Ruhama a devenit un actor important in procesul de promovare a valorilor si initiativelor civice in beneficiul public general. Ca urmare a vizitei intreprinse la Oradea, in calitate de presedinte al Agentiei Nationale pentru Romi, am fost placut impresionat sa regasesc la sediul Ruhama o echipa de tineri activisti care, prin profesionalism si maturitate, implementeaza o serie de actiuni in beneficiul comunitatilor cu romi. Valorile declarate ale organizatiei, respectiv empatie, respect pentru beneficiar, transparenta, corectitudine, comportament etic, lucrul in echipa si respectul membrilor echipei, responsabilitate fata de generatia viitoare si reprezentarea intereselor beneficiarilor sunt valori nu numai declarate ci sunt respectate cu strictete de catre toti membrii echipei RUHAMA. Succes in activitatea dvs. si va asigur de inalta mea consideratie.”

Ruus Dijksterhuis
Spolu International Foundation
Utrecht, Olanda

“In 2007, Spolu proudly supported Ruhama to further develop their regional Roma Leaders Network composed out of leaders from 25 communities in Bihor county. During network meetings, issues like housing, employment, education were intensely discussed and each network member elaborated activity plans and signed partnerships with local authorities. Ruhama developed a unique approach: creation of mix teams consisting of young Roma and leaders, enabling  leaders to link up with the younger generations. Paralelly, Ruhama supported Roma youth to unite into a network and stimulated them to team up with the leaders to implement the action plans. Therefore the youth are seen as helping the Roma leaders and not as an obstacle or competitors. Great work, Ruhama!”

Gelu Duminica
executive director
“Together” Agency for Community Development

“I had the pleasure and honour of coming upon the Ruhama Foundation’s activity in 2002 when I was in Oradea for a training session. Ever since the beginning I was fascinated with the Foundation’s potential, which in a very short time transformed into a real and proven value. We are honoured that the Ruhama Foundation is our main partner in the north-western region for development and our closest friend in the battle for promoting socio-economic development in Roma communities in Romania.”

Ancuta Vamesu
consultant & trainer

“The STRONG Coalition is a model of NGO organization for the benefit of disadvantaged groups in a community. The organizations in the social field are usually considered capable of performing services different from advocacy and lobby - the Coalition has proven that these organizations can too influence public policies by having obtained victories in influencing local social policies for the benefit of the assisted. It’s the start of a journey that can transform Oradea and Bihor into pioneers in the field of social inclusion in Romania, a country that exports its workforce and social problems to Europe and can’t seem to take full advantage of the opportunities brought on by the European integration. I hope that other organizations in the country can follow the example of Ruhama Foundation and contribute to the reform of the social services at a national level.”

 Corina Dragomirescu
senior consultant CMC
Academia de Advocacy

“The Ruhama Foundation has been, is and hopefully will remain a pillar of support, a factor of inspiration and mobilization for what the social sector represents in Bihor County. Together with the other members of the STRONG Coalition they proved through tenacity and dedication that they can change the world, that they can emphasise the Respect for others in need as well as the Love for our peers. They reminded the rest of us, the ones dedicated in body and spirit, to take notice of our fellow brothers in need. They have been and will remain an example to follow.”

Ionut Sibian
executive director

Civil Society Development Foundation - FDSC

“It gives me great pleasure to thank the Ruhama Foundation for the support it has given the FDSC - Foundation for the Development of Civil Society in two initiatives which are very important for us. The NGO coalition for social services and the advocacy campaign regarding the improvement of the funding mechanism for social services. The good practice models that they have promoted at the local level, in contracting social services, recommend them as being one of the most important civic partners in Romania.”