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International Partenership

Through the international partnership started in 2016, we make the youth voices heard! Ruhama Foundation was invited to the European consortium funded by Erasmus +. The project "Our life. Our voice. Young people and Poverty" was initiated by the European Network - YES FORUM composed of 34 NGOs involved in work for young people with fewer opportunities in Europe.


Why is the project needed


Research shows young people living below the poverty line face multiple barriers to access education, employment, housing etc. To be poor is a very stigmatising experience, which affect self-esteem, confidence and personal security. Thus, low income is a strong predictor of low educational performance, lower aspirations for the future and finally social exclusion.


The 2013 Annual Growth Survey shows that poverty and social exclusion are major obstacles to the achievement of the Europe 2020 objective of inclusive growth. There is a lack of extensive knowledge on how young people experience poverty in the different member states and much to learn how the dynamic nature of poverty and youth intertwine. A better understanding is urgently needed towards achieving the Europe 2020.


The project "Our life. Our voice. Young people and Poverty" aims at making the youth voices heard through:


Collecting the recommendations about poverty from young people and delivering them to professionals working for youth, decision makers, and institutions involved in poverty eradication

The views of young people will be placed in the center of this project to explore their attitudes towards poverty and find out what it means for them to live in families struggling to cope from day to day. By listening to these voices of young people experiencing poverty, we want to bridge the gap between policy and practice.

Young people’s discussions on different perceptions of poverty will result in formulating their recommendations against poverty. At regional and national events they will meet youth organisations, service providers, local authorities, and policy makers to discuss their suggestions.


Putting together young people from different countries to find solutions to combat poverty and its effects

Already involved is a group of 10 - 15 young people from Bihor who have experienced poverty  or those who want to engage in the efforts necessary to make their voice heard in youth poverty issues.

The project is managed and implemented in Bihor by Ruhama Foundation, in partnership with YES Forum-Germany The Church of England Children’s Society - UK; Zefiro - Italy; Musikcafe After Eight - Finland; Internationaler Bund - Germany; Dynamo International - Belgium.


For more information please visit the project’s "Our life. Our voice. Young people and Poverty" website.